CEO Profile

Mr. Pratap Man Shrestha is an accomplished leader in the life insurance industry, with an impressive 33-year career marked by exceptional achievements and commitment to excellence. As the Chief Executive Officer of CREST Micro Life Insurance, he combines extensive experience with a solid educational background to drive the company’s success and deliver outstanding results.

With a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Mr. Shrestha possesses a strong foundation in strategic management, public policy, and organizational leadership. His educational background equips him with a deep understanding of the complexities of the insurance sector, regulatory frameworks, and the importance of serving the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shrestha has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to providing exceptional life insurance solutions and fostering financial security for individuals and their families. His vast experience has enabled him to develop a keen understanding of customer needs, market dynamics and emerging industry trends, which serves as a solid foundation for driving innovation and growth.

As a forward- thinking leader, Mr. Shrestha is passionate about leveraging technology and digital advancements to enhance the customer experience and drive operational efficacies. He has successfully led Life Insurance Company through transformative initiatives, embracing data-driven insights, automation and cutting-edge solutions to ensure the company at the forefront of the industry

Mr. Pratap Man Shrestha

Chief Executive Officer