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Provides affordable and customizable life insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of Nepali families and individuals.

Simple, Smart insurance for what matters most

Affordable protection for your future

Coverage that adapts to your changing needs

Intuitive coverage that’s clear and rewarding


Crest Micro-Life Insurance is a new entrant to the Nepalese life insurance industry, dedicated to offering dependable and affordable insurance solutions to families and individuals across the country. Our range of insurance products is designed to cater to your unique needs and budget, with personalized advice from our team of experienced professionals.

We understand the importance of protecting your loved ones’ financial security, and that’s why we offer a wide range of insurance products, from traditional life insurance to health insurance and accident insurance. Our aim is to provide peace of mind to our customers and help them prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Choose Crest Micro-Life Insurance to protect your family’s financial future and join us in our commitment to building a better future for all.



Our vision is to provide affordable and reliable micro life insurance products that cater to the unique needs of all Nepali citizens, promoting financial security and peace of mind.


Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable micro life insurance solutions for Nepali families, while promoting financial literacy and trust, contributing to sustainable community development.


Crest Micro Life Insurance

As a home-grown company, Crest understands the unique needs of Nepali families and is committed to providing accessible and affordable life insurance options. Our one-stop-shop solution includes a user-friendly mobile app for easy policy management, and our focus is on providing excellent customer service and fast, reliable payouts. At Crest, we take pride in putting our customers first. We believe that everyone deserves financial security and peace of mind, and we're here to make that possible with our easy, accessible, and affordable insurance solutions. Let Crest Micro-Life Insurance be your partner in securing your family's financial future. We're here to make insurance accessible and easy for everyone.


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